A Clean Car Experience,TM Guaranteed                               

Royal Touch offers a 5 Day Clean Car Guarantee on our best wash package, The Royal Touch. For any reason, within 5 days of receiving The Royal Touch, just bring in your Clean Car Guarantee receipt and we will wash the exterior at no charge.                          

Our Crew                                                                               

With 30+ years in car care management, Royal Touch is the trusted choice in a professional clean. We support trained, informed, and motivated team members who provide our customers with excellence in quality service and safety.

Your Comfort

Treat yourself, as we treat your car. Enjoy a cup of coffee as you watch your vehicle roll through our state of the art wash or catch up on the latest news with complimentary WIFI and TV.

Your Investment

You will eventually sell your car, trade it in, or return it following a lease program. A top factor in determining a vehicle's worth is the interior and exterior condition. Royal Touch offers safe, fast, high-quality washes at affordable prices to slow your vehicle's depreciation and maintain its value.



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